Boing Boing on KCRW's Press Play: Trevor Noah’s Tweets & Cracking Down on Cyberattacks


I just hope he doesn’t turn The Daily Show into a pulpit. Between his anti-atheist tweets and his arguably anti-semitic, sexist, and transphobic tweets I feel he may have a Christian agenda.

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You will find Jon Stewart has made all of those same kinds of jokes - ON THE DAILY SHOW - for a long time now. There’s no story here.


Not a single one of those tweets is “anti-atheist”. As an atheist, I find them pretty funny. People are looking for excuses to take Trevor Noah down.


Perhaps but if Jon Stewart jokes about Jews that’s more acceptable because it is self-deprecating. If you have a Christian constantly wisecracking about Jews and atheists that’s another story. For example, imagine Dane Cook delivering Chris Rock’s infamous bit about the ‘N-word’. It wouldn’t fly.

Some of those tweets make me think he’s an idiot, but considering that he’s a comedian, I’m frankly shocked that thats the most offensive stuff that the pearl-clutching brigade could dig up on him. He’s not doing his job if he’s not pissing people off, and complaining that that person is sometimes you is completely missing the point of comedy.


He jokes about people of all religions, all the time. You either don’t watch the show much, or you have an interesting filter going on.


I couldn’t disagree more. A Christian creating straw-men to knock down in order to belittle atheists is not only unfunny, it is disingenuous.

His tweets on atheism are standard, shallow Christian anti-atheist tropes, such as “Without God, atheists wouldn’t exist.” Uh, no, we’d all be atheists. Not as bad as Keven Sorbo’s screeds on atheism, but not a sign of any open mindedness, insight or acceptance when it comes to atheism. Colbert is Catholic but doesn’t show any anti-atheist tropes, and he might make such a joke, but he’d do it ironically (as something a stupid conservative would say) - I don’t get the sense that Noah is that deep.

But, that being said, let’s see him do the show and find out how it works.


Jon Stewart makes fun of the idiosyncrasies and hypocrisy of the religious he doesn’t invent straw-men or perpetuate negative stereotypes. Big difference.


Oh sweet Baby Spaghetti Monster! Belittle the atheists? That might cause their egos to shrink and then their fedoras would be ill-fitting.


I’d say that Trevor Noah’s “Without God, atheists wouldn’t exist” tweet is to atheism what Creationist"s “If we descended from monkeys how come there are still monkeys?” argument is to evolution.

Noah’s tweets on atheism don’t demonstrate much promise that Noah will have the open minded insight needed for good satire the way Stewart and Colbert do.

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“Oh sweet [insert stereotype]! Belittle the [insert minority of choice]? That might cause their [insert stereoype] and then their [insert stereoype].”

Your pretty good at this (and under 140 characters).You could be the next Trevor Noah.


And people dismiss Patton Oswald

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Our Boba Fett comrade was making fun of your earnest seriousness, IMO. As one of the realists who doesn’t believe in magic entities, I didn’t read his or her comment as belittling (yeah, Mister44 is probably a dude, but I try not to assume much).

But I agree with Skeptic. Noah’s inability to understand atheism (due, as you pointed out and I agree, to his prejudiced stereotyping and shallow understanding of atheism) augurs poorly for his comedic insight which I think requires empathy to operate on the level that Stewart, Colbert and some of the other Daily Show alumni do.

Just my 2¢. I’m open to being surprised by his performance as Daily Show host.

There might be some bigotry in Noah’s past quotes, and it seems reasonable to me to note and question it. But I think any outrage is a tempest in a teapot by people looking for a little recreational schadenfreude.


Just imagine what it would have been like if Mel Brooks had a twitter account 40 years ago. Now take a deep breath and everyone get over themselves.


Trevor Noah is no Mel Brooks to be sure. Mel Brooks is on twitter in the same day and age Trevor Noah is. Mel remains a class act as always. And don’t forget that much of Blazing Saddles was written by Richard Pryor.

This makes me so happy. Twitter is increasingly becoming suicide for all who use it. As the last American left without an account, I think soon I will be the only one left qualified to be President. Kind of like Richard III, with less murder.


I agree with much of what you said with one slight correction. I said Trevor’s comments were belittling to atheists. I never said Boba Fett’s were belittling to me.

I absolutely want to see TDS continue to succeed and would love to be surprised. With Colbert and Stewart gone there won’t be nearly enough Brooker and Oliver to go around in the field of news satire. (Full disclosure: I’m disappointed TDS couldn’t manage a way to get Oliver. I also don’t like Noah’s comedic timing.)