Twitter joke sparks rape threats


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What in the fuck is wrong with a person that threatens to rape a Woman for one sentence?


What the fcuk is wrong with a person who threatens to rape a woman?


“If you don’t like the taste of fish, you wouldn’t go to a restaurant, order the trout, and then call the chef a stupid bitch for serving it to you. So why do people do it on the Internet?”

The common internet troll (trollus domesticus) never seems to answer this type of question honestly, not that I’d expect them to. It’s usually something like, “I like this website/blog/forum, except when you fill up my RSS feed will bullshit like this. Post more articles about [insert their niche interest here]!”


Oh gosh… it’s such a great one-line gag. Yet people /always/ have to pile on with their faux-rage rather than look at the joke and admit that it’s well crafted.


I’d settle for minorities or women having the same rights as corporations…


I’ll accept that corporations are people when white folks lynch one (or a man rapes one).


Or Texas executes one.


I will disagree with her on one point and one point alone: I do in fact know people who will go to a restaurant and order something they do not like then complain to no end how much they hated it.

Some people just want to watch the world burn.


Did Twitter respond by deleting the accounts where the threats originated? I’m not finding a response from Twitter yet.


Yes, let’s by all means turn this into a discussion about Twitter not policing the hundreds of millions of tweets a day effectively.


Because they can! If these internet tough guys thought they could get away with at the restaurant they would.


What I never understand is the people who will go to an excellent steak house… and order a vegetarian dish, and complain about it. Or they’ll go to a primarily vegetarian restaurant… order a non-vegetarian dish, and complain about it.

Here in Manitoba even if your go to Chicken Chef, order the chicken with coleslaw, a roll and a shake, you’ll get an excellent meal. But do not stray from the path…


There sure are a bunch of whiny insecure twats on Twitter. Mostly men, of course.


Publicizing deletion of accounts which were the source of criminal threats would likely be a more effective way to police the hundreds of millions of daily tweets. :smiley_cat: I’m just sayin’ . . .

They do need to get their act together. Twitter can’t attract new users and shares dropped over 50 percent last year.


Speaking as a middle-aged white male, I’d just like to point out that if you took away pig-ignorant statements, you’re left with essentially a middle-aged, often overweight mime. NOBODY wants that.


American Conservatism is less a political ideology and more mere laziness to be grownup and treat people with respect. This behavior should surprise no one. Police brutality, rape, incest, mass shootings, the KKK, militias… it’s all born from a laziness to accept angry thoughts as justified and even righteous (thanks to religion) and a disregard of acting respectful to all.


It would be more effective to report the tweets to the tweeters’ mothers, wives, sisters and girlfriends.




i almost wonder if there could be a volunteer or, i suppose, pay service to which you could give limited access to your accounts for the sole purpose of reading and flagging hate speech and objectionable comments. ( heck: maybe a bot, with plugins to mine and flag for each service.)

One friend of mine… said to just turn it off for a while, to not look at it… Unfortunately, this wasn’t some horrific hate forum I found… These were pointed, gross comments being sent directly to me. If I wanted to avoid them I had to just log off Twitter all together. And they’d still be there waiting for me whenever I came back.

alternatively, we have spam email filters that work locally – moving questionable content to a junk bin – maybe twitter and other platforms ( even wordpress, or whatever ) need plugins or filters for browsers that would work the same.