Man spraypaints Twitter office sidewalk with abusive tweets it refuses to delete

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This guy is awesome!


If only we could clone our mods and send them to Twitter.


He’s going to need more paint.


Reported over 300 hate tweets, received only 9 responses, all 9 saying there was no violation of Twitter TOS. Twitter ignored the other 291+.

So, I can safely say to hell with Twitter. Not that I wasn’t saying that already. Now I have data to back it up.


I wonder if he works in dicks?


Twitter loses money; what’s more it seems to be losing it faster which, if it was a UK company, would be trading while technically insolvent.
If it lost all its abusive posters, presumably it would lose money even faster.
Follow the money as usual.


If Twitter needed to be more profitable, they could turn the dials and do so.

In 2016, Twitter’s revenue was $2.5 billion. If they were to fire 90% of their staff, they would still have 300 employees and that should be enough to run that company. Remember Instagram had less than 20 employees when Facebook acquired them.

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That wouldn’t be enough to deal with the abuse, but then they are not dealing with it anyway.


What the hell are they doing all day? Not responding to complaints, obviously. But what else?


Yeah, I don’t know what half of the people at some of these tech companies do. I realize you need some people for the keeping up on the servers and soft ware, and people to manage them, and people to support those people (HR, etc) But, yeah, I am probably just jelouse I can’t get in on that sweet action.


Well, sales and marketing are at least half a business. But still… how many Twitter sales calls have you gotten recently? LOL

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Note the “profit beat”; you aren’t allowed to say the truth about these companies in headlines.
If as you suggest they fired 90% of their staff, where will the 85% of their income that is advertising come from? Advertising space doesn’t sell itself, you know. When someone says “they could turn the dials…” my first reaction is to think “armchair CEO”.
The actual figures for the quarter were:
Income $548M: loss $61M.

Most companies would consider a loss of 11% of turnover worrying, but companies like Twitter seem to be fueled by what the markets call “irrational exuberance.” Meanwhile other companies in the same line never talk down the competition in case someone asks whether they, too, are wearing the same new clothes as the other emperor.


They shouldve painted this

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Hm. Sad thing is he will probably get sued for the content of every single message plus eventually vandalism.


this needs to be exported to the sf office


Jesus. Er, I mean, Christ what assholes.

I have repeatedly said their platform is useless for anything but snarky comments, short jokes, short news and alerts (most useful aspect), quick, fly by attacks, and ego stroking.

I think the world would be better if it went away. We’d here less Trump crazy , for sure.


Maybe twitter will be bought by Murdock and turned into a robotic hate spewer. If it hasn’t already.


So Twitter still has billions of dollars of cash (and equivalents), so they have time to figure this out.

If you look at their 10-Q, you can make educated guesses about where all the employees are. Sales and marketing employs around 30% of their people. There’s no way their current or future sales require that many warm bodies. 100 people may be too small, but then if you could employee costs by 90%, you don’t need as much revenue.

Twitter isn’t Facebook or even Snap. They are about as big as they are going to get and it’s time to slash their user acquisition efforts and work on the platform (and that includes making it an actual platform - court developers again!).

If they delete them, will the person come back and clean the paint?

Can Twitter go to their house and spray paint this picture on their sidewalk?

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