Man spraypaints Twitter office sidewalk with abusive tweets it refuses to delete

They are probably using ‘Agile’.

You know “Do half the work, in twice the time, with 4 times the people”.


Yes, he would have to look around for another social media service he could use instead.


The Developer’s Quandary:

Fast. Cheap. Good.

Pick 2.

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Without looking at whatever financials are available, I wonder how much of its revenue Twitter reinvests in itself? Amazon is able to turn its profitability on and off at a whim, but pausing its reinvestment in itself.

He probably will not. Artistic freedom, using chalk paint and, especially, attribution to the original source are arguments on his side which German courts would into account.


Stencils? He’s going to need to up his game:


Separate idea, more to the point–is it better for hate speech to stay out in the open on Twitter?

Shortly after Obama won the 2008 election, the sales director where I worked visited some companies in Arkansas. She was flabbergasted to hear management at those companies use the N-word right out in their showrooms. This is because she’s entirely encased by a sphere of more-or-less likeminded friends and family. She thought the days when people were openly and viciously racist had gone by.

Trump tapped into this nasty undercurrent in the US in a big way, and I think a lot of us were caught off guard. So maybe it’s better for this nastiness to be out where we can see it and meet it head on, rather than shushing it. Or maybe not.


Mostly coding “improvements” to Twitter that nobody wanted or asked for, near as I can tell.


Amazon is a bricks, mortar and loads of servers company that is rapidly growing. Twitter is a loads of servers company that is not growing at all. Which is the problem.

Why couldn’t they modify the platform and allow users to volunteer as moderators, and when someone flags a post, the flagged post gets sent to 3 or 5 random moderators for review, and they automatically do what a majority of moderators say? Throw in some usage criteria on moderators to reduce the number bot-moderators.

Maybe just try something?


Why is it a problem if a business doesn’t grow?

ETA: 328 million active users per month seems like it should be plenty.

ETA ETA: The numbers I found on Twitter are slightly out of date, but indicate they spend more than 50% (recently as high as 80%) of their revenue on R&D. That’s kind of what I expected. If they scale that down, they can probably cross into profit territory.


Jet Set Radio !



I’d rather not hear it at all. When I was a kid, my grandfather would sometimes visit and use the “N” word in his conversations. My dad told him that such language was not allowed in our house; especially in front of the kids. My grandfather argued that he had a right to say it because when he was a firefighter in the 1960s during the Hough Riots in Cleveland, he was repeatedly shot at while trying to put out fires and it made him angry. My dad stood his ground and told him not to come back. A couple years later, my grandfather apologized and I never heard him use that language again in my parents home. So, yeah, I’d rather educate people to not use it rather than repeatedly meet it head on.


Erm, so he spray-paints a public street with racist, anti-semitic, misogynistic and Islamophobic abuse, and this is a good thing?

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He used that spray chalk. So it comes off pretty easy.


I hope you’re right. I know German authorities can get very anal about absurd rules and regulations.

“No daubing racial slurs on public highways” is an absurd rule?

No. It only becomes absurd when the slur is misdirected as a quote.

On a public highway?
And what do you mean by misdirected?

I am confused now.

FTR, I’m not going to contradict, but I do have a very un-USian view on some frozen peaches. ^^