Barbados to ditch Queen Elizabeth as head of state, become a republic

Throw them out of the Windies team!

Seriously though, good for them.

That’s a false equivalency if ever I’ve seen one. Hong Kong was leased to the UK, there was never an option to “keep” it. Plus it didn’t go independent as you well know, it joined an autocratic country. Gibraltar would either go independent or join the democratic EU member the Kingdom of Spain.

That’s the conventional wisdom and it’s true except for the times when it isn’t.

There is a convention that the Governor-General only orders a dissolution of Parliament on the advice of the Prime Minister.

The reality is that The Crown may act on its own with no advice from another body of the Parliament.

It’s happened before.

Power doesn’t play by the rules, it doesn’t have to.
It creates them and then sanctions them after the fact.

I predict that won’t happen, unless by force.

I mean, obviously it isn’t. I was just pointing out the false equivalency.


“Barbadexit” has a nice ring to it.

Oh man, nothing will save the Governor General.

I feel bad because we had our republic vote and we chickened out.