Barbie "computer engineer" book is a total disaster




From the headline I was expecting a pinker, sparklier version of the NCIS school of computer engineering, but this is even worse.


I wish they taught shopping in school!
Let’s bake some cookies for the boys!


i’ll cut her some slack for programing her game in assembly.


loud mouth lisa
stupid lisa garbage face!


So of course the binary numbers written on the chalkboard represent the ASCII values of the characters that spell out “Barbie”.

Pretty damned predictable easter egg. Something like “Ken is a Eunuch” would’ve been way better.


And the next one in the series is called “Barbie really needs to lose five pounds,” in which she learns that the real secret of popularity is eating disorders.


Trivia: known as tête-bêche binding and seen on the old “Ace Doubles” series. (Eyestrain warning for that second link. )

And the binding is the most positive thing about this. Blecch.


My daughter is super into princesses at the moment, and I am dreading the day when she falls into her inevitable Barbie phase. I’m just going to have to make sure that we explain to her all the ridiculous things about Barbie. Even though she won’t care, and just wants to play with the pretty pink things.


Ignoring the (admittedly awful) unfortunate implications of the story, it doesn’t even make sense within the context of the Barbieverse. What, Barbie is suddenly supposed to be highschooler or something? Isn’t she supposed to be an adult with her own car, dream house, and more career changes than Homer Simpson?



I remember having a tête-bêche book as a kid (A Near Thing for Captain Najork, with a sequel on the back) and I remember even then thinking how unfortunate it was that this idea was put to such limited use. I mean, it’s just two books. They could have done it all the same-way-up, and just had one follow the other.

It would be really neat if the books interacted with each other in some way. For example, they could both go from cover to cover, but one book printed on each right-hand-page, and the other printed in reverse on the left-hand-page (this would be the same no matter which book you started from). The books would therefore be interleaved, and perhaps what’s happening on one page could reflect (figuratively and almost literally) what’s happening upside-down on the other page. Or they could share illustrations that look different seen from either perspective. Or the stories could have palindromic qualities.

I guess maybe this would be something for Hofstadter to think about.


How is the actress book? If you read them back to back does the message become “Thinking is hard, so if you’re hot like me ditch school and get yourself a reality show?”


It’s not inevitable. You really never know which way they’re going to go.

We ended up in Paw Patrol land. So there’s very little body image concerns to be gleaned from Rubble or Chase.


With the “girls can’t do computers” and the anachronistic “OCR font = high-tech computer mystery stuff”, only the laptops and USB drives tell me this book wasn’t found in a time capsule from 1986.


She sounds ready for exciting opportunities in management, at least!


…because people will hate the real you!


You can and should deny her barbie if you think it’s best, shouldn’t cause her too much grief, there are a few things that are banned from my house, fortunately, there’s so many toys out there that its never been a big deal.


Please tell me this is actually a satirical publication, like “Go the Fuck to Sleep” and “Baby, Fix Me a Drink,” and that a bunch of reviewers have missed that. Pleeaaase.


Here’s one thing I thought was odd about the article:[quote]every time I didn’t post a code solution in a forum because I didn’t want to spend the next 72 years defending it[/quote]
WTF is this about? If you’re posting code on Stackoverflow nobody gives a damn what gender you are. It’s not like you have to use a real name or picture or something–if you’re too self conscious just choose a neutral username and the default picture.