US Customs and Border Patrol wants to ask for your "online presence" at the border

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Sure, I think I can set up a MySpace account just for this purpose.


Lawrence Lessig showed that some of the most powerful forms of corporatist regulatory overreach are embedded in the code itself — not the bad laws.

More community stakeholders be engaged expand the coding front aligned with EFF.

Is DHS surveilling Facebook users? CLINIC could be engaged to work with coders to implement a Diaspora alternative.

Is the internet centralizing? Teachers unions could be asked to sponsor coders continuing Aaron Swartz’s work to liberate academic content.

Do nonprofits have trouble affording licensing and support fees for darabase software they are legally required to purchase?

Coders who work on social justice issues could be funded as a separate nonprofit to build and support a project that increases nonprofit database literacy and capacity.

I don’t think EFF or Tor or anyone is talking about doing this community-based part of the work. But community-based nonprofits doing direct services are constantly aware of their clients’ code-driven problems. It’s a real gap.

We need a settlement house movement that rallies and aligns coders to engage with regulatory and other corporate overreach at the coding level … closer to the metal.


My Twitter account name is MajrWeeedDealr and my Instagram is FuckDaFuzz. So personally I’d have no problem providing this info.


Already made another facebook account: Justin Forcomplying.
Already following Mark Zuckerberg, which now that I think about it, will probably get me on a watch list.


Yeah but terrorists aren’t smart enough to set up a fake account. Ergo, this plan is flawless.


America already has such invasive border procedures that I always pay hundreds extra to avoid changing planes in the USA.


I’ve never understood the thinking behind stuff like this. Do they really expect people who are involved in nefarious deeds to supply accurate information?

It’s the same poorly thought out logic that’s behind Trump’s desire to ban Muslims from entering the country.If you’re a Muslim and you’re coming to cause the sort of mayhem Trump expects you to and the border agent asks you if you’re Muslim what’s your answer going to be? Are you bound by some terrorist code to answer honestly in this situation?


Oh I wasn’t imagining anyone would ask if you’re a Muslim. They’ll know just my looking at you, your name, and where you’re from.


so if i provide online presence should i list them all ? some ?
do i need to prove them ?

I have a WoW character and also Everquest Character
should i preload them on a laptop to log in and let him check if its true or not ?

If i provide my Instagram account , should i take picture of him and post it ?
What if i provide my Sanpchat ? can i snap him and post a filter on him ?


Even better with a Grindr account.


Even people who aren’t involved in “nefarious deeds” are probably going to be intimidated by this. I know when it comes to applying for positions, I’m faced with two options. Either a) remind potential employers that snooping around on my social media may expose them to information that they’re prohibited from acting on under Title VII or b) help them do the right thing by making astroturf social media accounts.

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Yeah, that’s kind of my point. The only people that will be negatively affected by these sorts of policies are honest people.


My online presence consists of an account at My password is EO3. I encourage any interested officials to inspect to their satisfaction.


How do they know you are REALLY SexGod69, Blazer420, or just impersonating them?


Post-9-11, there was a lot of extra scrutiny for those who were Muslim. The problem was, that determination was being made by uneducated Americans - i.e. people who knew fuck-all about the world or any religion but their own. So the evidence being used was: is darker than white, has a “funny” foreign name (i.e. not English or Spanish in origin), and comes from a country where they presumed there weren’t many/any Christians. What that meant in effect was that most of the “Muslims” being scrutinized weren’t actually Muslim. I recollect some guys being put through the wringer, with the justification being that their names “had linguistic similarities with those of the 9-11 hijackers.” Except the guys in question were from India and were Hindu, so the only “linguistic similarities” their names had were that they contained letters.
Which is why Trump changed his proposal to banning those from any country with a history of terrorism against the US or its allies. Unfortunately, that’s pretty much all of them.


Starting up a business providing “clean” social media profiles for people is looking like a better and better idea.


I am Sparkitups.


My new handle will be EagleMcjesusEagle


Oh, they’re women to be called out, so they’ll continue.