Barbie-head-filled wedges


Those are the weirdest looking shoes I’ve ever seen but I can see how some people might like their originality.

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It’s the bit where the heads in the right shoe emit a horrid wheezy-squeeze noise with every step, and the ones in the left occasionally pipe up in high, reedy, voices about how they are a thing that should not be, that really sells the piece.


Kinda creepy knowing that someone threw a bunch of doll heads in some stripper’s lucite heels

Homer: Uh, your fish are dead.
Stu: I know. I can’t… get 'em outta there! Oh yeah!


The idea is interesting and arty, but the shoes suck. Not strappy enough to be Barbie Head clear heels!

All the Barbie heads in the world won’t stop them from being wedges.

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For some reason I thought this would be about some weird thing splitting wood.


Yeah, the disco-shoe-as-aquarium still wins in my book. Although I’ve got to think that a men’s size 15 might be a touch heavy to walk with all that water…

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