Barbie movie caused global pink paint shortage

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BS detection on.

Interestingly, the construction of the set caused a worldwide shortage of the fluorescent shade of Rosco pink paint…

Probably not. BS detector detects the guy who orders the paint finding that his two regular suppliers are out of that paint, and being slow to put in an order to another supplier. They can’t get something painted on time, so he tells the director that the world is out of her color paint.

BS detector off.


Rosco is a major supplier of equipment in the film, tv, and theatre world, but they’re not Dutch Boy. I can totally believe they ran out of a particular color. In fact, in another article they confirm the shortage, but place blame on both supply issues and the Barbie movie.

In an email to CNN, Lauren Proud, vice president of marketing and digital experience for paint company Rosco, confirmed that the production used a lot of the color but added that there were other factors involved in the squeeze on pink paint.
“The sets were being developed during a time when we were still experiencing the global supply chain issues, and the paint supply was hit particularly hard,” she said. “We delivered everything we could, they got it all. We can’t wait to see how it looks in the film!”


Um… you expected the scale of a child’s doll playhouse to be architecturally accurate? Of course the scale was strange. It’s a playhouse.

Have these people never seen toys before?! What kind of weird sheltered existence is this?


Do they have Anish Kapoor on their payroll? This smack of Stuart Semple’s hijinx.

Oh no! I was planning to paint my submarine this weekend.
Now what?


Is Anechoic Black still available?

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a nice bright yellow , perhaps ??


You joke, but choosing the right paint can make a very measurable difference.
One of the reasons most airliners are white is that white paint weighs measurably less than other colors.

It also can make a substantial economic difference!
About 25 years ago, I bought my last motorbike, a Honda CB500SW.
I was at the Honda dealer, negotiating the price for a nice Honda red one.
We settled for about 6,000,000 L (Italian lire, yes, before the Euro era I was a millionaire :rofl:).
Then he sadly looked at the exposed yellow/purple one.
“Nobody buys that color”.

After some more negotiation, I was the happy¹ owner of a yellow/purple bike for a 25% discount!

¹ Extremely happy, it has served me for about 1 light-second with only a battery change in addition to the consumables. It was still running fine when I sold it.


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