Barrett Brown legal motion: linking is protected by the First Amendment



It’s like being arrested for posting the address of a crack house in the classifieds.


If the court accepts this as an actual defense, wouldn’t that also affect cases against torrent-sharing?

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shh, don’t tell them. maybe they won’t realize until the ruling is made.

Who would do that?

The competition.

That’s what I call Brownian motion!

It seems to me that posting a link to public information is the electronic equivalent of telling someone to go to the library, look in the third bookcase from the front, fourth column from the right, second shelf from the top, fifteenth book from the left, pages thirty-nine through sixty-seven.

Worth noting that common sense (or, if you prefer, “the obvious”) has won the day – prosecutors have dropped 11 of the 17 charges against Brown (essentially, all the “Stratfor hacking” charges).

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