Barrett Brown sentencing delayed


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I sense executive branch interference…

“Accessory after the fact”? Can someone with a law degree chime in to explain what the hell that means?

IANAL, but I basically think it means making use of ill-gotten loot. For example, if you buy 48" flatscreen TV from Honest Bob down at the bar for $85 and a jug of beer, you could possible be done for AATF because it is not reasonable to believe that the TV wasn’t stolen, and by buying stolen goods you’re creating a market for stolen goods, which leads to more stealing.

Or sumfink like that.

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“Brown originally faced more than a century in prison on a swathe of charges relating hacks targeting corporations.”

How timely this all is. I guess we can expect dozens and dozens of arrests related to the Sony hack and people being arrest for accessory after the fact.

The Government can do whatever they want. Example I was charged with Aiding and Abetting although no one else was investigated, arrested, or charged. I am TORTING the Government at this time for that one and more. The other thing they are doing to this guy is they put him in a prison with 85% sex offenders. I am sure that is on purpose as well. The First Amendment is DEAD in America.
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If I was threatened with 100 years in prison, I would sign pretty much any plea deal.
This is why, in civilized law countries, there are no guilty pleas. Instead, the statement “yes, I did it” is just a statement by a person whose credibility the court has to judge.

As we recently had the subject of torture in this forum, I’d like to point to this insightful paper about “Torture and Plea Bargaining”.


In this essay I shall address the modem American system of
plea bargaining from a perspective that must appear bizarre, although
I hope to persuade you that it is illuminating. I am going to
contrast plea bargaining with the medieval European law of torture.
My thesis is that there are remarkable parallels in origin, in function,
and even in specific points of doctrine, between the law of
torture and the law of plea bargaining. I shall suggest that these
parallels expose someaimportant truths about how criminal justice
systems respond when their trial procedures fall into deep disorder.

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