Basketball throw in Walmart leads to mishap


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I’m completely certain this wasn’t staged. After all, this is the Internet.


No head recoil. It’s a slip-on-floor accident, plausibly precipitated by the ball surprise.


Getting hit by the ball from that angle, one would expect his head to go… yes, that’s right, back, and to the left. But instead it goes to the right, which means… there was a SECOND ball hitting him.


Now we’re going to have to find another camera and Zapruder this thing.


In b4 someone derails the conversation into how walmart is more evil than monsanto.


I love the neutral language in the title. Spoken like a psychopath CEO. :smile:


Fictional Assault Kills Enemy
Frequent Amusing Kinetic Elements
Fraudulently Assailing Kind Efforts
Fallacy Assumes Knowledge Egress


“… the head goes back and to the left…”


That’s got to be the answer! The thrower of the second ball was over at the garden furniture display, on the artificial grass.


You seem to have some Knolledge of the subject.


I manage the Toy department in our local store- the video looks like something that could conceivably happen here. There are constantly folks throwing merchandise around, and I find myself stopping that multiple times daily in order to prevent just this sort of mishap. The gentleman who is hit by the ball looks to me to be an older person; if the store is like mine, there are frequently senior citizens making a walking circuit around the perimeter of the sales floor as a daily exercise. Some of these folks are pretty frail, and the ball that was thrown, while not at all heavy, is pretty taut; the combination of the small amount of force with the surprise of being unexpectedly struck could easily drop them.


You are right. It must have been that babushka lady, in the lawn department!!!


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I was going to say it’s so sad that these elderly folk can’t go to a park to walk, but then I remembered I live in a place where it can be 100f+ into November, so I can’t blame them for wanting to hang around a giant air conditioned box that sells cheap drinks.


As added benefits, they have a continuous level surface to walk on (park sidewalks can be a bit up and down), an easily measured distance to travel, and if they do have a medical emergency, help is pretty close to hand.

I’d think that in somewhat larger communities, malls would serve the same purpose.

I’m lucky in that our town is small enough that I’ve come to know all of our walkers, and to know when to expect to see them. And, for that matter, most of them have known me since I was a child.


safe to say he’s not going to make the varsity basketball team


He even looks up at it, as if he’s timing himself to be in the right place…nah, this checks out as 100% real.


‘Mishap’ is a shamefully underutilized word.


Yup. Back in Indiana, we used to call that a “Lower Slobovian Slop Shot”. Its chances of going in the basket were quite small.