Bassoon Tracker: an Amiga-style music tracker on the web

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Works fine in Chromium on a Raspberry Pi.


Sadly it doesn’t load Impulse Tracker modules, so you are today spared having to listen to my teenage masterpieces.

What a rip!


For all the web’s power, getting Javascript to time multitracked sample playback with the bare-metal precision of an Amiga-era tracking app anything precisely is no mean feat.

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@beschizza As long as we are going to that far back in the day…

tribal to space
tribal to sea
orbital flower
orbital dreams
elm’s journey

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This is intentional, there are a number of side channel attacks that have used JavaScript hi-res time to steal data from outside the browser sandbox.

Browsers have intentionally added jitter and dropped precision from timers to mitigate similar attacks in the future.

But even with these changes the resolution is probably good enough for most audio work.


I couldn’t get the file upload to work (neither Firefox nor Chrome would do it), so sadly my favourite selection of old Amiga mods aren’t going to work :frowning:
Even then, it’s still a pretty concentrated nostalgia hit :slight_smile:

Interesting links. File under “once again, why we can’t have nice things”

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