Bazzite is a Linux distro for gaming

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I gave Linux (specifically, pop!_OS) a good go for a year as my home operating system on a gaming quality PC, but eventually went back to Windows.
There were just too many things that didn’t quite work, or required command-line level fixes to get working.
The final straw for me was when my USB soundcard, the GSX-1000, one day just stopped working, and from that point on could only be coaxed back to life by going in to the command line and launching a command line driven audio mixer… every time I started the computer.

Ray-tracing was hit and miss, and newer features that my hardware supported often weren’t supported on Linux, or were poorly implemented.
Over time I discovered that Linux’ greatest feature is also its greatest weakness.
Anyone can contribute to the development of individual OS components. But that also means there’s little to no consistency in some of these things when you need support, and if you do find support, unless you’re documenting every change you make, you’ve got no hope of undoing all of the little “fixes” you make trying to fix something that just works in Windows or Mac.

If I never have to worry about Pipewire vs. Pulse Audio again, I’ll be a happy man.

I did try to stick around longer on the laptop I bought for freelance work, where I ran LTS Ubuntu. But then it stopped playing ball with wireless headphones, playing only crappy mono audio, so back to Windows there too.

I can see its value for playing older games on older hardware. But Linux is still just a bit too finnicky to run as a general purpose, contemporary gaming OS.

I am still using my Steam Deck though!
But that benefits from having a consistent development team behind it targetting a specific hardware profile.


i’m having the opposite experience to you. Windows has made me swear a lot over the last few years. I miss Windows 7.

My recent experience of Windows is that “Just works” doesn’t work, at least it doesn’t any more. Microsoft increasingly want me to do things their way, not my way. Meanwhile i can’t remember the last time I had to deal with any Linux weirdness. This dual Windows and Linux household is rapidly heading towards being mostly Linux with a small Windows partition somewhere for things that don’t play nice with Linux. I am very selective about my hardware which probably helps.

Valve has played a large part in making that possible, and the Steam Deck has made me realise that I don’t need a dedicated windows machine now. That Windows machine was damaged in a powercut and flood combination so it’s replacement is being planned. I don’t think any OS would have failed gracefully after that disaster.

All this goes to show that there is no perfect OS, just different ones that are the best for different people. Windows works best for you, Linux works best for me, MacOS works best for other people, and all that is good.

I doubt I will be using Bazzite though, years of experience has taught me to stick with established distros.


Yeah I have a windows dual boot just for games.

My major issue with Linux over the years has been sound, and, just as you describe, it being fine then all of a sudden not. At which point, no amount of Linux voodoo will bring it back.

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Same. I’ve been running a dual boot system for two or three years now. I rarely have to go into the windows side anymore and I’m always grumpy when I do.

Most of the issues I’ve had have been sound-related, but it’s not enough to make me want to go back to windows. Not even close. I don’t love putzing around with settings, but it’s still a more pleasant experience overall than windows. Honestly, now that I’m using linux, I’m annoyed it took me so long to check it out. I wished I’d switched over years ago, so I didn’t have to experiences things like Windows 8. Or ME. Or the little bit of time I’ve spent with 11.

Gaming-wise, I’ve had very few issues, but I mostly use emulators or play older games. Everything runs exactly as it should (except one game, but that was too glitchy to play on windows, as well).

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The ghost of ALSA cackles in the basement.

I hate well-crafted systems where all the people who understand and can explain them seem to have vanished, or are drowned out by swarms of cargo cult articles from people who don’t, and are all cribbing off each other.


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