BBS Thread/Topic trigger warnings


Hie thee to the GIF bank now with that.


Er… What? No idea what you are talking about. There were a bunch of ideas floated; I am not proposing anything other than an algorithmic high risk mode which kicks in on some topics, with effects TBD.

Of course it is true that the opinions of the owners of the got damn site do carry more weight, given that they pay the bills around here. Is that really controversial?


I don’t care whose idea is credited if we can moderate new accounts for a few days by default.


A few days? Ok I’m cool with that.


My suggestion was you can’t post anything for 48 or 72 hours (or that it is moderated by default if the system supports it).


I know, and I was snarkily suggesting that we never let them post. Just a joke… obviously your not a comedian.

ETA - Then again, what if I’m not actually funny? Shit.



I heard that one of these is useful:


People with PTSD don’t usually have that kind of control over their reactions to certain things. That’s why it is considered to be a mental illness.

Telling me I’m over-reacting when I have gone into a mental state of survival at any cost does fuck all to help.


I agree, but that discipline applied beforehand can affect how/if it is codified by the self as “trauma”. Survival drive tends to be a more or less pre-programmed set of behaviors, so it doesn’t afford people much choice in their actions or mindset.

On a collective level, when society actually rewards people for having lots of personal problems and acting instinctively, most people are never even aware that their conditioning reenforces this, or that they have other options.


Well, since the author is participating here, and he (and his minions) can make it do anything they set their minds to, so it’s certainly possible. Personally, I don’t see a problem here that needs a programmatic fix. Minor problems like trolls in the gun control threads are quickly solved, being shouted down or eaten, and then all is right with the world. In my view, most of the trollish topics are posted intentionally by staff, with the foreknowledge that they’ll probably turn into cesspits. I find that fascinating because I do not understand it.


You’ve clearly missed some of the epic threads where 4chan and/or reddit trolls arrived en masse.

Good. They can go there then.


I came here in search of this gif, which I knew I had seen somewhere in these here comments:

So that is why I am responding so late on this issue. I think a lock on controversial topics (as applied by the mods when needed) that only locks out accounts that are < 3 days old would solve 99% of al cases and cause minor discomfort.


I’ve suggested stopping new accounts from posting for a couple of days or having them have a “moderated” setting for posts to be approved more than once. I’ve been told “no” though.


Threads of unusual size? I don’t believe they exist.


If this had been in place I (and I think other long-time lurkers as well) would have never created an account. I wanted to ask a question now, not in 3 days.

oops, didn’t realized that the topic is OLD. One reason why I like the auto closing :slight_smile:


Except that a lot of people that need to ask a question now are actually one time visitors here to shit on things.


higher entry barriers can do easily more harm than good. but I only have my case as anecdata, take this with lots of salt.


The example that comes to mind is of the person/organization being referenced in the original post becoming a new member in order to respond to questions or provide follow-up info. We don’t want to wait 48-72 hours (or as long as it takes to get at least two admins to look at the post) to hear from them.


I don’t think people are against new visitors on the whole, it’s when they come out of nowhere to argue about divisive topics like guns and religion, then disappear. It might be worth having two or three tags for discussions where only people at TL2 and above are able to comment.