Be vigilant on the tube

So we’re in a third Gulf war. Not absolutely sure I voted for this. Was happy humanistically that people in trouble were being rescued / helped. But a war?

I was a train ahead of the 7/7 bombings. Exited the train a few minutes before. Kind of makes you think.

WTF? Nigel descends into conspiracy theorist insanity.

Mr Farage said Prime Minister David Cameron “will do anything he can to try to deflect attention away from UKIP”.


You didn’t, but your MP probably did. Unlike in 2003, it doesn’t look like any of the major parties made a significant objection.

So. Be vigilant on the tube, I suppose.

Jeez - save us.

There is some irony that during the blitz the tube was the refuge.

Well, sure. It just sounded like you were suggesting that it wasn’t particularly democratic when there was a clear consensus across the major parties despite war weariness. There never has been a war referendum, but I doubt the results would have been significantly different in this case. It also has a number of elements that make active intervention (not just rescuing people) a more pressing priority, including the fact that the West carries a lot of the blame in the first place and does have a responsibility to support democracy in Iraq.

Am I to understand that you are surprised by this turn of events?

Not particularly, although it is an image Nigel Farage has been trying to distance himself from.

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Ah begn ur pardon, you were surprised with the alacrity with which even Good Ol’ Nige would shoot himself in the foot.
I’m surprised the man still has a leg to stand on.

He gave up a chance at xenophobia to engage in narcissism?

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It is interesting to note that The West is constantly fighting wars.

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War is Peace.

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Kind of buddhist. The West is East.

Given the share of Made-in-China/Taiwan/HongKong/Thailand/… goods, this statement is oddly true.

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Ignorance is Strength


Thud is Boing


I’d rather not think of it as a war, although some military intervention is probably unavoidable if there is going to be progress in the area. I do think that there needs to be involvement from the West beyond picking up survivors, but it is bound to fail if it is mainly a military effort. This article puts it better than I could:

The thing is, it’s time to invest in military stock. Once the ball gets rolling on these open-ended campaigns, it just keeps rolling, getting bigger and bigger.


OK, do you have a constructive response? (Something like this maybe?) I get that war is bad, but grouping all military action into one category seems quite cynical. There is a big difference between the situation now and 11 years ago. I fully agree that the West shares a lot of blame in the actions leading up to this. I also agree that military action alone will make things worse. However, I think accepting refugees without containing this threat is not really addressing the issue.

I’m talking military-industrial complex. Of course I’m cynical. Remember Blackwater?

But once this genie is unleashed, it seems to run and run.