Beach Toy Library: Borrow a sand toy, leave a sand toy

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The best toy is a bucket. Nobody ever complained if their bucket was old.


Damnit! I voted for Trump to avoid this kind of creeping socialism!


The combination of tragedy of the commons plus people not wanting to feel guilty about throwing stuff out, results in this type of thing rapidly devolving into a giant trash heap. Our local playground sandbox implemented a similar initiative a few years ago, and now they have to put up signs telling people not to use the playground as a giant dumping ground ofr whatever broken plastic shit their kids have grown out of. Same goes for those mini book libraries (there are at least 5 in my neighborhood) - all the books are religious indoctrination trash, magazines with the cover ripped off, or freakin’ Barbara Cartland bodice-ripper romances.

People feel good about donating their crap to these libraries because then it’s not going in a landfill, but eventually it does anyway. Better to save your local public works department the trouble of cleaning up other people’s cast offs!


Do we get ‘whuffie’ points if we donate some toys? Beach toys get used hard, but we typically would leave them at the local park and sand box when my kids aged out of those kinds of things. If others found them too scruffy to play with then maybe someone else enjoyed them or tossed them. Better to upcycle / recycle them then just trashing em. ymmv (I can see virgil disagrees with our approach, nbd - and no we didn’t donate broken down crap)

All I need is a bucket that holds water and a spoon to make sand sculptures (sleeping mermaids, giant crab, fish eating fish eating another fish etc.)

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As with for any library, the good folks who set this up need to take responsibility for curating it, and removing it when/if the community tires of the affair. An excellent idea, but one that is much bigger than just “put out a box and walk away”.


Annnnd they will be the first to take advantage.




Let’s keep the creeps out of creeping socialism.


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