Garbage collectors open a public library with discarded books


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That is awesome!


This is really quite cool. Reminds me of this:


I’m dancing in my chair. Again.



I wonder if they have that one book about the grapefruit rinds and coffee grounds?


“Every book their reader, and every reader their book.”
In before the inevitable person who says that discarding books is bad, mmmmkay? Most of the books we get rid of at the library are outdated or falling apart, and are taking space that could go to more current books of interest to our patrons.


Seems like they were holding onto books that were good enough to use again, not sure how up to date some books would be but they managed to bring to life a library out of nothing which is quite fabulous.


“There is also a popular kid’s section with comic books and an entire section for scientific research.”

Lucky kids and smart too.


That’s how our library came to be, through public action and demand. I wonder if there was no convenient library in the area, so they decided to create one?


My impression is that might’ve been the case :slight_smile:






we can say " these books are garbage " and no one can deny that :stuck_out_tongue:


The collection grew so large the library now loans the salvaged books to schools, educational programs, and even prisons.

The prisons that contain many journalists and writers? How long before a library is seen as anti-state activity?

At least they can pass their time with a book.


Can’t have too many libraries.


But always make sure that you are following procedure when picking up and returning books.


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