Bear tears automobile to shreds

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Maybe the old fashioned push button doors were designed by someone familiar with bears limitations. But if bears actually see food, or even cans, they won’t be so subtle, they’ll just smash the window like a street urchin going for your iPhone.

It wasn’t even the bear’s car. Must’ve been pretty shitfaced. It’s probably best he couldn’t find the keys.


So drunk it was fit-shaced.


Sure it was bear and not beer? That Adirondacks accent can mislead.


The picture is of the wrong kind of bear. We only have black bears here. They’re much smaller but still strong and dangerous as you can see.


Well I guess the Grekko family is having a bear of a day.

Also, @frauenfelder, your imgur link is barely working.

Multi-point plan of attack fails. Bear holds up his end, but dolphin fails to score the iPad needed to kick off the global takeover.

Nice going, Flipper.

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Hm. How do you suspend a car in a tree again? Maybe I’ll just continue to be an indoors person.


Wow. I did not know that bears needed chew toys like dogs do. Perhaps this could be the start of a new camping strategy?
Just…leave a car shaped/sized chew toy near your camp, and when you hear the squeaks, run away.

To shreds you say.

Use a winch.

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Every time I read one of these accounts I keep hoping they’ll say the bear shit in their car. All in aid of reworking the old joke “Does a bear shit in the woods?”

Last night we were camping in the Adirondacks and a bear opened the door of my neighbors car looking for food

Looking you say? 9:1 it already had smelled something in there.

Coworker once said to me “Does The Pope shit in the woods?” When you go hiking and see a beautiful flower, you leave it be. Otherwise nobody will ever see that beautiful flower again. Similarly, I did not correct my coworker.


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