Bearded dragons devouring meal worms




Love me some beardies!


Hmm… Needs tiny robots to keep these monsters in check.


What is the life expectancy of a pet bearded lizard?


I had a Leopard Gecko for 20+ years. We had a rescue Parakeet that loved to watch him. She would run back and forth all day as he tried to eat her.
Fun for both.
Happy, Birthday, and Indiana the budgerigar:


They are kind of cute.


They’re supposed to average 8-10 years (although my beloved beardie went to The Land Where Lizards Are Eternally Blessed at age 11, so obviously that figure varies).

I’ll put in another vote for beardies as super-awesome reptile pets. Most herps aren’t so much “domesticated” as “trapped,” and they tend to dislike being held. Bearded dragons are really mellow: They don’t mind being held, they seem to enjoy being petted, and they quickly learn that The Big Hand brings them food and will come running when you take the cage lid off.


In high school, the AP/IB biology teacher kept his thorny dragon in a 55 gallon terrarium in the back of the class room. I think the teacher was really smart for picking that guy as a classroom pet.

The way the thorny dragon moves is a sort of oscillating swagger, and it’s entire body is covered in spines that look just like huge blackberry thorns. And if some ants were put in the tank, the thorny dragon would convert from being a particularly sharp rock, into the master predator. Just lightning fast, you’d miss all his movements if you blinked.

Not very cuddly, but a beautiful animal, and a nice conversation piece.


“Nobody hates me, everybody loves me, think I’ll eat some worms.” – Bearded dragon


Isn’t that gecko tank too small? :frowning:


It was long and flat, 30"x12’x8". Thanks!


Thanks. :wink:


I miss my dragon and my leopard geckos. We can’t really keep reptiles in the house with our current cat and dogs though.


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