Restaurant server drags giant lizard out by the tail


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I’d heard they’d been cracking down on immigrants, but I thought the Lizard People generally got a pass.


Did someone say Goanna?


Goanna Goanna Goanna?


The first time was on television. It was being inaugurated President of the United States.


“You! You’re on lizard duty.”
“What? No way, not again”
“It’s either that, or you’re wiping up wallaby poop.”


Pretty much everyone I know likes their meat rare. But I insist that the animal stop kicking before I bite into it!


She should’a pulled into the kitchen, thems lizards are good eat’n.


What the fuck? Giant lizards gotta eat too. If you’re gonna run a restaurant you gotta serve folks


I’d’a let him stay. Got him some finger sandwiches.


That thing is soo cute!

I just want to feed it a chihuahua or two.


Lot of small bones. Even Andrew Zimmern doesn’t like lizard. This is a man who will eat the fried gonads of any mammal.


We earned it, too.


I had often heard people make reference to a “lounge lizard” but never knew what they were. Thanks for clearing that up.


Friend of mine worked dining hall in college. One of the jobs was keeping the campus St. Bernard from coming in, or making him leave if he did. (The meal plans were all-you-can-eat, and feeding the dog was strictly forbidden, which did almost nothing to students from doing that.) Hank wasn’t a mean dog, but he was large and stubborn and liked sandwiches.


Other duties as assigned


In Russia Australia, lizard eats YOU


This video needs to be reversed … “Woman walks lizard through restaurant”


“But I have a reservation!! Please let go of my tail! I have a reservation!!!”


So far, nobody’s realized the obvious?