Beatles "holy grail" record sells for $110k


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So much of that “little girl” talk in early rock sounds really really wrong today – and there’s loads of it.


Helllloooooooo, bayyyyybe!


Paging Mr. Lewis, Mr. Jerry Lee Lewis, please pick up the red courtesy phone


Please God don’t let it be the property of that Shkreli fuck.


Don’t get me wrong, I like the Beatles, and I think it’s pretty cool that this record is still around, but can somebody tell me why it’s a “holy grail”? Does it fill an important gap in their discography (sessionography?) or something? Or is it just because this record is what got them their first contract?


It confers immortality on whosoever partaketh?



It sounds like hyperbole. The song was released with the Beatles Anthology so it’s not some unheard track or anything.

If it was the 27 minute take of Helter Skelter, then I’d be interested…


Cool, I love The Music Man!


Wow, it’s refreshingly shit! I guess it was a different time and A&R execs could hear things I clearly cannot.


Well, sure. $110k for a one of a kind original recording by perhaps the greatest band of the century? I can easily see that.

But a thousand dollars for an ordinary bottle of Hidden Valley Ranch Dressing? Yeah.


Hint: One of the sales in this comment thread will benefit charity :wink:


You see the same thing in novels, newspapers, etc. from that era. It was pretty universal. (And, yes, creepy.)


Just try and read the lyrics of Elvis’s Little Sister without getting creeped out.


That’s cheap next to a silk screen of a Campbell’s soup can.


Damn that Warhol.

(No, seriously.)


You’re 16.
You’re beautiful.
And you’re mine!



How old was Ringo when he wrote that? Over 30, I’ll bet.

EDIT: I did not know that was a cover. And he was 35, I win.


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