Buy Ringo Starr's copy of the very first pressing of the White Album


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You… You become naked…


Worth every penny.


Running away from computer before i get sucked into resetting history of mono vs stereo pressings of the white album and lose 45 min that I need to use to buy groceries and some other errands.


$55,000?The RIAA says one playing of one record costs over $110,000, so I suppose this is a half-price bargain. Poor Beatles, they’re in the remainder bin.


Not mint. Maybe your kid would want it, but I don’t trade in that bargain basket stuff.


You think they gave him the first disc because he’s the Beatle everyone shits on?


Is Ringo short of cash??


Well he lost the Thomas the Tank Engine gig to that suck-up George Carlin, and Carlin’s not even alive.


Well, he temporarily quit when they were recording it, so maybe it was their “welcome back, you’re the only Beatle we all don’t want to murder” present…


It is for his charity, I forget which one it is. But that was my first thought also.


It’s a real pity. If Ringo hadn’t bumped the corner, he could have become a very rich man.


Good luck with that. Any true Beatles fan already owns a copy of the White Album.


His investment strategy of keeping money in a big brown bag inside a zoo didn’t work out I guess. That’s what you get for taking financial advice from John and Paul.


I’ve got blisters on me fingers!


#That’s a dealbreaker, ladies.


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