Beautiful black and red variegated 78 records from the 1920s


An old school site for old school records. I wish I could actually get it to work. (The passworded section does not funtion for me.)

Does anyone have contact information for Cliff Bolling? I have some records that need to be archived. (20 inch radio show platters.)

I am humbled by his dedication to ripping a truly formidable collection.

I was always a trifle surprised at how little use CDs made of any sort of coloring effects. All sorts of stuff on the label side, sure, just as records had their label area, and some exploitation of the inherent shininess; but little else.

The CD medium does have to be transparent to light in the 780nm range, or it will be unreadable; but that still leaves almost all of the visible spectrum to play with; just nobody ever seemed to do so.

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