Just look at this Andy Warhol/Velvet Underground Electric Banana Record Player


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I remember when Spinal Tap played the Electric Banana. It looks much smaller than I remember.


Reminds me of the E-meter in Scientology.


melllow yellow ( quite correctly leftly )
saffron , yeah


I will “just look at it”, I certainly will not buy it.


Yeah… 1500 bucks does seem quite steep. Maybe it’s really rare… Still, I don’t think I’d be buying one anytime soon either. But seriosuly. Look at it.


Considering that this is from the early 70’s it’s highly unlikely that Warhol had anything to do with it (the seller kind of talks it up, mentioning that she contacted the Warhol foundation to see if there was any connection, etc.)

The Velvet Underground wasn’t huge at the time, so wouldn’t really warrant any kind of cross-promotion with a turntable manufacturer, and by the early 70’s they had broken up and weren’t exactly a household name; we think of that first LP as a classic, but at the time it ended up in cutout bins. I doubt the actual manufacturer of the record player even intended it to be an homage to VU, they were probably just trying to make a gimmicky item. Name-dropping Warhol is just a way to justify asking so much money for it.


As the seller, I want to thank Cory Doctorow for posting my record player here. It received so much traffic yesterday, and, in fact, sold last night. My shop received over 300 hits and counting. I originally purchased this player as a Warhol fan and thought it would be a great addition to my collection. However, upon research help from the Warhol foundation and museum, and a helpful friend who found the spiedel catalog advertisement, coupled with the difficulty of displaying it in my area- I decided to pass it on. I already have a little bit of remorse in letting it go, but will deal with it. But thank you all for your help. I will have to work out a deal with Cory to post more of my shop.

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