Beautiful film of plates and glasses smashing to a Bach soundtrack

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Another wonderful thing. The syncing of the impacts, and rising and falling, to the music was exquisite.



Yes, but now I want the bit that has the Fugue, too.

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Baby Mozart, but all grown up in time for 2020

Favourite part is 10:30 to 13:00. Marimba!

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Reminds me of the opening credits to “The Good Fight.”

I can’t hear that music without thinking of Rollerball.

A buddy from high school studied the marimba. It sounded great, but the switch to percussion wasn’t easy. Here’s another challenging instrument:

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I can’t watch that film without hearing my grandmother saying “oh. . . company’s coming!”

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Indeed. She must be strong. Did you see the bell pass about 2/3 the way through? I wonder what would happen if they juggled those bells.

I’ll raise you a weird instrument:

It sounds smashing! (British slang so we stay on topic.)


I don’t remember much about the movie, but ‘Zabriskie Point’ by Antonioni has a great big-scale slomo’splodin scene.

The glass armonica is one of my favorites. The one at the Franklin Institute wasn’t playable, but fascinating to see! Found this BB blast from the past, too:

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