Beautiful signs made from duct tape

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This reminds me of Chiho Harazaki’s art, which is all made with tape:


Isn’t Ganbare Nippon the ultra-right nationalist group?

Edit: I did some looking, and I think that it is the romanized spelling of that group, but also when written differently (or maybe just taken differently), just means ‘hang in there, Japan’ or something close to that.

Why do so many insist on calling it duct tape? It’s duck tape. It’s named for the duck cloth backing. You can’t use this stuff to seal ducts, there’s another tape for that. Nice lines, though. Removal could get messy. You can get colored vinyl tape in two inch width, would be great for curves.

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Duck Tape ® is the brand name for one manufacturer of duct tape. Even Duck Brands calls it duct tape.

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The current, shiny-backed, version of duck tape was developed by Revolite (Johnson & Johnson) for the US military during WWII, though they did not actually invent it.

Wikipedia: “Duck tape” is recorded in the Oxford English Dictionary as having been in use since 1899 “duct tape” (described as “perhaps an alteration of earlier duck tape”) since 1965.

Manco (Duck brand) may have the trademark but they only trace their history back to 1950.

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