Duct tape crushed in hydraulic press


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“next one is masking tape. we place it this way because we want some explosions”.

I love this guy.


It isn’t clear from this picture - is it duct tape or Duck Tape®?

-corrected - it is actually a registered trade mark.


I thought, “not duct tape, you will never get that sticky glue off of the press”. I still have duct tape glue on my hands from the last time I touched it 3 weeks ago!*

(*might be an exaggeration)


I sent in the suggestion to crush America’s hopes and dreams next.


I never saw that twist ending coming, with the panda!


“Stay tuned for our next video, where we crush a 10oz bottle of Goo Gone…”


I would have loved to see Tuck Tape. That stuff is amaaaaa~zing.


I can’t wait for future archeologists centuries from now to dig us up and go “Huh?”


Hasn’t that already been done, many times over?



Not by a hydraulic press. I want to see it squish out the sides.


I’m still addicted to the Hydraulic Press Channel

Addicted? I think you just have a crush on it.


Ductape: http://i.imgur.com/w3Vc7M7.jpg


Me, I was thinking: he desperately needs to crush Mr. Bill! Or at least his Latvian cousin, Vilhelms.


I’m redacted my opinion as may influence addictive methods
just put a stick of something in…

cause dyna might


It’s always duck tape. Or always duct tape. Whatever you prefer.

I prefer duck tape for the whimsy and so I can re-correct pedants.


Until seeing this, I thought you could do almost anything with duct tape.


I like believing that the brand ‘Duck Tape’ exists for just this reason.


Really? I go the other way on this. I think people are like, “Is it Duck BRAND tape? 'Cause otherwise it’s ducT (*spittle*) Tape!” To which my answer is, “Nope! It’s Gorilla duCK (*glottal stop*) tape.”

ETA: The Gorilla Duck is the fiercest of all the family Anatidae.