Beautiful wooden shell thingy is also a classic arcade cabinet

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You win this one, Boingboing. You brought up something I can’t even complain about. What next, puppies? Pie? My grandmother?


Can you grill a burger on it? It looks quite a bit like a barbecue.

the wood waste on a case like that would be aweful

Your grandmother’s famous puppy pie did win the blue ribbon 3 years in a row!


looks neat, but how heavy is it? Seems like any reasonably spirited stick action is going to scoot the whole thing around on the table or tip it over. The legs look neat but raise the minimum possible center of gravity.

Hmmm, am I the only one to shy away from glossy screens? Matte screens are so much more comfortable in any environment with plenty light!

Looking at the seams on the front, I’d say it’s made of some kind of wood sheet that’s been bent into curves then glued together. (Disclaimer: I am not a carpenter)


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