Beautifully detailed artificial cadaver: like a 3D jigsaw puzzle that pumps heated blood


and with “surgical simulator” the list of sex doll euphemisms grew by one that day…


Does it come in Marzipan?


This should be on the holiday gift guide.

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How much to rent one for a couple of days?

Say, October 30 to November 1?


I was hoping that it was a limited edition offering from Haribo to honor the passing of Hans Riegel

And while you’re taking this in, note that one of the skeletal options for the full synthetic human is “human skeleton.” As in, actual people bones.

Paging Clive Barker!

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WAY too much red and pink.

I suggest holding off until the next revision:

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Rule 34 kicking in in 3…2…1…

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Well, judging by the photos, you’d need one with knees in the first place…

Aww, you have a dirty mind. Who’d want to strap on ‘wobbly bits’ for role-play?

I ordered one about a week ago. It arrived in the mail today with a short note of instruction:

Congratulations on purchasing the Syndaver™ deluxe “simulated” cadaver! We think you’ll find it so close to real you’ll think it IS real. We assure you, it’s not. However, because we’ve simulated the human cadaver so accurately, we’d like you know that it will begin to rot and decay, and, quite frankly, stink up the place. So please conduct your experiments and practices within 48-64 hours of receipt under normal conditions of temperature and humidity. You can prolong the use of your Syndaver™ by as much as two weeks if you store it in a very cool and dry environment.

Happy days!


$40K just seems like an obvious rip-off.

Even RealDolls only go for $5k. Or so I’ve heard. If I were to know what a RealDoll was.

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I don’t doubt that they beat textbooks; but I have to wonder if standardized fake cadavers are adequate to acclimatize the meat technicians of tomorrow with the (nontrivial) anatomical deviation between even healthy people, much less the ones with pathologies severe enough to justify cutting them open…

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