Because why stop over eating?

Is it just me or are we living in a distopian si-fi novel?

Because why stop over eating?



I went digging for published studies on ‘gastric aspiration’ (since that’s basically what this is). This is what I found:

A novel endoscopic weight loss therapy using gastric aspiration (Forssel & Norén, 2015)
No control, two major confounds (pre-test low-cal diet, concurrent CB therapy). Pretty much worthless.

Aspiration therapy leads to weight loss in obese subjects: a pilot study (Sullivan et al., 2013)
One major confound (incentive for experimental group members if target weight loss met). Has control group. Much more robust assessment methods than the Forssel and Norén study.

Endoscopic therapy for weight loss: Gastroplasty, duodenal sleeves, intragastric balloons, and aspiration (Kumar 2015) [literature review]
Looks like a great summary for anyone curious about these types of medical interventions for treating obesity. Mentions the Sullivan (2013) study in discussing gastric aspiration.


The overeating one a person is obese is a bit of a myth… once the body has set a metabolic weight during obesity it won’t change it… which is kind of horrifying news.

I am somewhat with you, this is a weird/gross obesity “cure” - and I am really curious about its long term use.


excellent point!!!
i get that it isn’t that simple.

I’ve noticed huge shifts in my metabolism by eating paleo and changing my microbiome, so there is hope to change ones metabolism dramatically in certain cases.

I think my initial take was that pumping a percentage of the food you eat out of your stomach, is essentially the same as just eating less though, right? it doesn’t’ address metabolism, but rather quantity of food that reaches the digestive tract, essentially enabling the user to eat in excess and pump instead of manually regurgitate. i guess i found it a bit shocking of a solution is all. :slight_smile:

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We gotta develop a gastric pacemaker. I’m sure it’s possible. A device that will ring your stomach’s “I’m full to bursting” bell at will, or at planned intervals. Maybe it releases leptin or something as well.

Far better than an especially high in the tract illiostomy.


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