Before Youtube nukes annotations, take one last look at these amazing, creative projects that showed how much annotations could do

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Now if only they would also kill the more videos bar that appears every time you pause an embedded video, Youtube would be well on it’s way to rehabilitation.


Who is the haircut song singer? he’s great!

If you like Fallout: New Vegas, I recommend Choose Your Own Apocalypse -

The first one I can recall is Kaizo Trap, which uses them for a set of secret endings. But it’s really more interesting in concept, as the path to some of those endings gets more than a little nuts.

And I recall that someone tried to provide the experience of playing Plumber’s Don’t Wear Ties, but perhaps we are not so badly off losing that one.

For those who might want to record YouTube videos w/annotations, a free tool to do so is

And of course the classic…

Shoot! They’re already not working on this one, but all the video and audio is there, just not the links:

Have you ever thought “oh no! I need the Cartesian product of a set of song lyrics in ballad meter with the set of the melodies of those songs, but I don’t know what to do!”? I’m from the Internet, and I’m here to help.

I’ll take your word for it. Meanwhile I’ll keep them turned off, ad-blocked and what have you. Mid jan can’t come fast enough.

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