Has anyone ever watched youtube videos with the closed captioning on?

Cause it’s just a bit off…


It’s almost like watching this


Hah, that vid’s an all-time fave :smile:

But yeah, the CC action ain’t so hot… so glad I’m not deaf.

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Actually that’s better than usual. Sometimes it’s all just prisencolinensinainciusol.

Speaking as someone who does have to use closed captioning whenever possible – audio processing disorder, not actual deafness – I find the YouTube version absolutely the WORST anywhere. It’s actually so bad that I don’t know how it could get better, since that would require people taking the time to send corrections, and there are simply too many for that to be a rational way to spend an afternoon.


That sucks about your audio processing disorder, and I apologize for what I’m about to say, but I find a lot of YouTube videos are vastly more humorous if I read the CC instead of listen to the audio. What can I say, I really got a kick out of madlibs as a kid.


The captioning is done by computer-- not by volunteers, not by live transcribers, not by professional captioners after the fact. I’m not sure that there exist competant examples of this sort of thing.

But is it like the various apps that have humans look at anything marked by the end user as not being right, as a way to improve the programming?

Dammit, the best versions of that have been taken offline.

I ask myself this question daily.


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