Primitive Technology: Turn on the closed captions!


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This is also good for people like myself, who are extremely visual, and never quite sure I heard that last thing correctly.
I turn on subtitles for everything.


I wonder if closed captions could be the new way to sneak information to the recipient without advertising?


They’ve been around for years


The adjective ‘new’ was bound to the following purpose, not to the technology.


Lately I’ve been running into horrible subtitles in white on off-white. How does this happen? Who should be punished?


I join the “I’ve known of the channel for ages” group but didn’t know this. Now I have to watch all the episodes again with subtitles… Oh the… humanity???


I once watched Bergman’s “Persona.” I couldn’t read half the captions because the nurse was wearing white.


Huzzah ! a touch, sir, you pinked him. :slight_smile:


I am struck again and again by how much work this is…This little film constitutes several days work. Work which would not really have been possible without somebody else gathering food for those days.


You can change how your monitor displays CC, but if it’s part of a YouTube video I don’t think you’ve got any options.


What the shakespeare…


Which is helpful when ambiguous. Iron Fist had a CC “arrow piercing flesh” which helped explain a poorly cut scene.

The problem is that many places don’t remember your CC preference, forcing you to turn them on for each video or session.



I’m just happy to watch a NEW Primitive Technology!

So the clay from termite mounds sounds super fine. I haven’t played with pottery in decades, but… Why not try a slightly drier mix? And dry it out more? Why not bisque fire it first to drive out all of the water? Sort of smoke it mb? or another idea is to add more already fired material or grog? Even finely ground organic material could make more voids? a mix? Can’t wait until he discovers glazes! rake? He’s on his way to metallurgy too.

And to those who say he is fed by conventional means: so what? conventional means also means he can’t trap or hunt game by law (he did catch some shrimp or crayfish).

Love this guy’s channel.


Oh, I’m not objecting to the fact that he’s eating in the 21st century. I was just pointing out the near impossibility of a single person surviving and thriving on their own no matter how clever they are.



Sorry Simonize maybe that didn’t come out as I had intended. Pretty much agree w your point of course.

Interestingly i just listened to a Futility Closet podcast episode where a guy around the turn of the last century made a bet and had all kinds of newspaper coverage for a stunt where he claimed to be able to go into the woods of northern Maine naked for two months and survive (in summer :wink: In the end, the story wasn’t what it seemed perhaps but it was an interesting listen.

This is sorta Castaway pr0n or Robinson Crusoe meets a nice video camera. I for one love these videos and look forward to new ones. Keep em coming! =)


Wow, thank you. I never thought to turn them on!

Kinda glad I did watch all his videos without the commentary though. I fully intend to keep my first watch of them sans subtitles but for sure now I have a good excuse to go right back and watch them again.


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