Here's why YouTuber Primitive Technology hasn't posted in over a year

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Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door . . . to steal your idea and make more money than you ever could.


He’s taken us from stone tools to iron smelting. I just figured he’d finally hit the industrial revolution and colonized some South East Asian countries to produce videos for him.


I thought he’d had a Neolithic Revolution


Well, that was interesting. I had seen those copycat channels, but had no idea where the genre originated. I was unsure of why they were busy building elaborate swimming pools in the middle of a jungle where they would quickly turn into mosquito breeding ponds. And why they were clearly cheating, creating large projects which were clearly created with either outside help or tools that were not shown in the video.


I was wondering what happened to him; was beginning to worry, what with Covid & all. Glad to hear he is all right. Concur on the copycats; some are interesting. Most are absurd.
Sure, buddy, you excavated that 20x20x10 pool in that sandy soil by hand & filled it using coconut shells from the creek a kilometer away…
It’s a bit strange to see them excavating in the middle of a jungle, yet nary a tree root is in the way.

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I love his videos. I have made several of his projects myself thanks to his inspiration. They all still work.


I don’t have a problem with the Asian clickbait channels. Their projects are entertaining, but quite different from Primitive Technology. PT is busy growing yams and extracting iron ore from algae; very different than the sprawling mud palaces the Asian guys do. Believe it or not, I can watch both Primitive Technology and the Asian guys, with time left over for You Suck at Cooking.

Also, I would not call PT a “survival” channel. Survival is what you do when your plane crashes in the jungle. PT is recreating the technological evolution of humans from the mud up.


His book’s subtitle (linked in the article) is 'A Survivalist’s Guide to Building Tools, Shelters, and More in the Wild.


If I see him, I will tell him he’s wrong.


the good news about why John has not posted a new video in 2020: he is working on a show for a cable network!

That really is primitive! And – nothing like a show on a cable network to lead to total ruin!

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leaving a 10+ subscriber YT channel for a cable show? Seems like a step down alright. The type of videos he did would be a lot of work though, maybe he’s had enough

Perhaps. I always figured it was a real labor of love for him. I have no proof for this of course, just a hunch.

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