Beginner Watchmaking by Tim Swike

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Check out Mark Lovick’s “Watch Repair Channel” on youtube. By far the most informative, best shot watchmaking instruction I’ve found. Super likable guy, very generous with his knowledge. For a great explanation of the basic layout and working of the watch, search for “how a watch works 1949.” They built a great scale model of the gear train from the mainspring to the escapement and explain it in a way that is very easy to understand.

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I have a book “Modern Watch and Clock Repairing” from 1940 that covers all this. You can find it used. It looks like an ad for a watch repair parts company, who doubtless sponsored the book.

My favorite line: If you are having a lot of trouble with a delicate operation, then set it down, go outside and smoke a cigarette. The job will then be much easier.


Tech note: THC is likelier to steady your hands than nicotine.

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Not if you’re a nicotine addict. Shakey hands, eye strain, weird restlessness in the joints, lack of patience and focus? Means it’s cancer time.

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