Behold the cacophonous Furby Organ


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The Furbeowulf cluster. “Surprisingly, the Furby CPU can be overclocked significantly, with a corresponding boost in computing power. The biggest problem, however, is that of cooling, because for some reason the units are covered with an insulating fuzzy layer that encourages the buildup of heat rather than enhancing cooling like a standard aluminum heat sink would have.”


That guy has a sweet workshop/lair setup. I must admit considerable envy.


I’m surprised he hasn’t been featured on BB before. The dude is full of immense talent and creativity. Synth bikes, Jacobs Ladder synths, instructional videos on cheap and easy circuits, and on and on.

An evening on his YouTube channel is one of the most inspiring ways to spend an evening if you are into DIY electronics.



this guy forever :clap:


Not the sort of Furby organs that I was expecting.




And this one will haunt your nightmares no matter what species you are.


Beat @beschizza to the post, but Rob has the best line:


Honestly, I’ve heard worse organs at AAA baseballs games.


I had the pleasure of playing his synth bike, great fun!


Reminds me of this old image that was used in the old Beagle Brothers adverts for the Apple ][.



Mad science done right.
I love that bloke.


Reminds me of that sultan in the Adventures Of Baron Munchhausen:

The Torturers Apprentice indeed…


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