Creepy Furby Family (sound up!)

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Geez, Qanon gets weirder by the day, doesn’t it?


That video feels weirdly '80s for something that must have been made in the late '90s at the earliest…


@Shuck Even with the Boards Of Canada vibe, it is creepy.

There is no creepy side to Furbies, really. Matter of fact, they’re all creepy. (To paraphrase Pink Floyd, c1973)

Source: YouTube clip posted by creator, composer, and performer Look Mum No Computer
See also Boingboing, Furby Organ, 2018 02 12 titled “ The Furby Organ, A Musical Instrument Made From Furbies ” (all caps) on 2018 02 11

See also: The Furby Organ 2018 02 12


The video is nice and moody and all, but hasn’t the Furbys sorta outlived their status as a dramatic shorthand for “weird, yet gauche” by now?

I mean, we have people who want to marry Alexa out there today. The Elf on a Shelf comes with a built in webcam. A plushy Tamagochi from 1990s kinda pales by comparison.

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Bonus points for using a LinnDrum, which now alone costs likely more than 3 times what he spent for everything else, Furbies included.


Everything IS terrible

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