Behold the official policy for destroying the head of Chuck E Cheese


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Is this like how the only correct way to retire an American flag is to burn it?
(reads article Why yes, it sort of is.)


Never been to one of the establishments personally but have a feeling this is the way I’d leave it.



You try that with New York Pizza Rat…it’ll bite you.


Fuck Chuck E Cheese… I had no idea about Marion Zimmer Bradley’s daughter, Moira Greyland. Somehow, I missed them from a few years ago. I’m now horrified, and in awe of Ms. Greyland’s survival and strength.


Bring me the head of Alfredo Garcia Yuri Gagarin Charles E. Cheese.


Whither Canada?

A bigger question is why does Nolan Bushnell have such a reputation as a visionary?’s_Pizza_Time_Theatre


I want him dead! I want his head cut off and brought here! I want his head on this piano!"


Surely the only way to destroy a consumerist icon is to let the market deal with it?


Now that I think of it I don’t think I’ve technically ever been in a Chuck E Cheese’s. There was a Showbiz Pizza Place very close to my house that I went to for some birthday parties. Eventually that place turned into a Major Magic’s All Star Pizza Revue. Aside from the name (Pizza Revue, Jesus Christ) the most notable thing about that place was that I had a friend in high school who in his younger years injured himself on the slide for the ball pit and eventually used the settlement money to buy himself a computer.


Mirror Scotland.


Behold the official policy for destroying the head of Chuck E Cheese

This headline oversells it. I was expecting a scan from a secret manual describing the correct forms for honoring Anubis, arrangement of canopic vessels, the sequence of anointments and prayers to Sutekh, priestly vestments, etc.


I can go bravely to my death knowing this now.


Before he was a rat, before he had a name, when it was Pizza Time Theater he’d be working at, the MC of the band was going to be . . . a coyote.

Nolan Bushnell said that when the wrong costume was sent to a announcement event, they went with a rat MC.


Pathetic! Off with his head! Back in tha day, everyone knew that if you were gonna rock with animatronics at a pizza joint, it was gonna be at a Showbiz!


Little respect here?

beekman's rat


I went to that location a number of times as a child…

They beat my Chuck E’s head in with sledgehammers :frowning:.


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