This Chuck E. Cheese location will be the animatronic band's last venue

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Luckily the decrepit remnants of animantronic bands are having a bit of a cultural moment right now; so disposing of surplus stock might be easier than usual, if slightly harder to find security guards to deal with.


I’ll miss it. A local farm, for it’s very last fall specatular before closing for good, hired the Rockafire Explosion a few years back. It wasn’t called that of course, but as a child of the 80’s, I know Fatz Geronimo when I see him. Sadly, they were poorly maintained and he spent the entire time with only one eye open, which was a bit horrifying to be honest.

As I entered my teens, there was a giant 3-level Showbiz pizza place a few towns over. We would hang out there a lot. Not even the building exists anymore.

The local Chuck E Cheese has just the unlucky chosen teen trot out in the Chuck suit these days, dance a bit, and then head back in to return to his shift passing out erasers for tickets.

Ah those sweet halcyon days of our youth.


I hope these unemployed robots land on their feet. I was glad to see that the singing animatronic critters of Disneyland’s old America Sings show found work later on in Splash Mountain and Star Tours, so there’s hope for these guys.

(Seriously, I love the “goose droids” in the Star Tours queue. They just stripped the skin off the old geese, stuck binoculars on the heads and called it a day.)


I see what you did there.
(and wouldn’t that be ironic…)

Looks a lot less scary now.

It touches my nostalgia button but for different reasons than most. I was a senior in high school when I got a summer job at the newly opened location in Redwood City.

I remember how they assigned all us kids. The manager asked “who here likes playing video games?” Everyone who raised their hands, including young dumb me, got to work in the kitchen slinging pizzas. The ingredient quality was … let’s just say cheap. Still, hard to speak too ill of a relatively easy summer job.

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