Millennials blamed for death of Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic band


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a millennial in a furry suit doesn’t require the pay and benefits that animatronic robots do.


I blame Five Nights at Freddy’s.


Thank you millennials.


I met Nolan Bushnell at a conference last year. Had no idea at the time who had sat down next to me and chatted me up.

He’s quite sad about this I reckon.


Barely qualified meat bags taking robot jobs? There will be hell to pay for this


I wonder what they’d be willing to sell them for?


Plus they can’t break up fights inside the restaurants (at :46)


Hell of a fight, must be something in the water there.

(I’m so sorry. I really am.)


Can’t hold a candle to the Rock-a-fire Explosion.


Gravity Falls had a funny ep about how creepy those animatronic things really are:


I would say it’s surprising that Chuck E. Cheese has endured this long at all, but I guess anyone who suggests that a kid’s birthday party can be eased in exchange for payment is bound to rake in a few bucks.


True Story: I tried to have my 21st birthday party there.

Why? I found out that my little brother, who had a habit of trying a job for a few weeks and then quitting, had started work there. And of course, I heard how much he hated having to sing Happy Birthday to little kids.

He quit 2 weeks before my birthday. I dunno if he got wind of it or not (but probably).



Millennials are now in their mid to late 30s. Why would you expect them to be into an animatronic band?

And why did you blame millennials when there was no mention in the text of the OP? (Was it in the video?)


Nothing beats Casa Bonita. Legitimately had a few birthdays there as a kid, and then years later when i was in my early 20’s. Still think its awesome, though it’s a bit more cheesy as an adult but i still had a blast.


I think they just need the right music.


Pizza? In name only…



Just the opposite - reskin them to either look like Five Nights at Freddies (licensed) or just make it a rip off, and revel in the creepiness of it.

It’s a missed opportunity.


You know what else millennials are ruining? The joy to be found in scapegoating those younger than yourself.