Chuck E. Cheese targets moms with lattes, salad, and more wine and beer

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I don’t want to punch him in his stupid face… But I would like to slap him in his stupid face.


Greg Casale doesn’t understand FNAF.

...Panera and those concepts...

It doesn’t bother me that people talk that way…it bothers me that people think that way.

“We need to reideaize the monetization of our themescape, vis-a-vis Jack-in-the-Box,” says some douchebag who never went to class sober and makes 50x my salary.


At least they admit its not food, its a “concept”.

Also, Chuck E Cheese has a super free hand with the wine. I know cuz I went last year and my goodness we got day drunk fast on their giant glasses of wine. :wink:


Lattes, salad, wine, and especially beer you say? Not to mention videogames and pizza. Seriously, it sounds like Dave & Buster’s but without all the expense of loading up a game card and the pressure to buy overpriced chicken wings.


Can’t wait to see Kathy Lee and Hoda slug it out at one of these places

I went to a few birthday parties there when the kid was that age and that is where the friends had the party. I very much welcomed the beer. Probably what makes that place bearable for adults.


We went for a 40 year old bday. LOL - some brought their kids, too, but it was a party for a 40 year old. Wine was very welcome.

Also, I LOVE the coin pusher machines and skee ball, so all in all, it was a good time!


If I wanted to go to the arcade for my birthday I would just go to GameWorks.

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I know I’m an insensitive douche, but why is this a stupid, slappable offense? Sounds like what they’re saying is “we’re getting feedback from moms that they want something to eat besides our legendarily-horrible pizza, so we’re adding more salads and the kind of things they have at places like Panera, where they don’t get to go as much now that they plan meals around their kids.”


So why didn’t they just say that?

Panera isn’t a ‘concept’, it’s a sandwich shop. And getting lunch there isn’t a ‘millennial lifestyle’ choice.


What daneel said basically. But with a couple of other observations.

Not all moms are millenials
Not all kids of moms are millenials
Millenial lifestyle makes no sense
Restaurants aren’t concepts
And not all moms want to drink cheap chardonay and eat at a salad bar

To be fair I also use corporate speak, but where appropriate. Not in press releases.


What is wrong with saying, “we are adding more popular items to our menu, like better wine and healthy but tasty entrees”.

Or, " now at Chuck e cheese, organic sechuan salads"

Or a million other things that aren’t condescending but uplifting (and accurate)


I’ve been to Chuck E. Cheese’s at least 4 times this year (several birthday parties), and the food there has been uniformly ok. Not horrible, not great. The main reason we don’t bring our kids for anything other than a birthday party has had nothing to do with the food, and everything to do with the fact that it is FUCKING EXPENSIVE.


Sure it is. Every restaurant is a “concept” in corporate/marketing speak. Panera is absolutely a concept marketed directly at young women, who are referred to as “millennials” these days.

The problem here is that this guy is using the sort of language you use in board meetings with your marketing staff, rather than speaking like a normal human. But what he’s saying, when translated, isn’t crazy talk at all.

Dave and Buster’s where you can totally dominate at Street Fighter.


That image brings to mind something that has pissed me off ever since I was a kid: what were they thinking by making their mascot a creepy looking rat? I mean, what the fuck? He looks like a con artist. He looks like a coke addict. He looks like the kind of guy prostitutes warn each other about. The real life Pizza Rat would be a better mascot than this character.


…at least they didn’t use Squanchie.


I just came here to say something about Pizza Rat. I was beaten by 20 min.


Ah, but is the sandwich an “interface?”

[implied possible pun unintended]