For sale: (1) Chuck E. Cheese's animatronic band


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The only practical use I can imagine for old, worn out pizza showplace animatronics is a medievally-spirited torture chamber. But what wonderfully cruel torture it would be, eh?



(only mostly kidding)


There’s a wonderful low-rent documentary, “Rockafire Explosion!” about the creation, salad days, and strange afterlife of the robot bands.

In the course of the documentary, a die-hard fan is seen buying one of the two remaining units direct from the factory, which was* a creepy frozen-in-time picture of the firm in its heyday, featuring tools left of worktables when word of the layoffs came through, and pools of toxic sludge.

The Visalia unit looks like a re-dressed band.

*The remaining employee, the owner, blew the place up while working on a synthetic fuel.


Happier days:


Like a less-hip Gorillaz!


Rockafire Explosion

the best reason to buy one of these is to reprogram it to play current hits.

but Rockafire is so much cooler than the reworked ChuckEChees band.





You’d probably reprogram it to do punk music.


I don’t need the whole band to recreate the time my friend grabbed the microphone between shows and announced “Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Mr. Cheese had an accident with a mousetrap. The rest of this evening’s shows are cancelled,” but having it would open up interesting possibilities.


That or some post-punk mayhaps!


That would be cool! Pixies’ Trompe Le Monde would be fun.


Five Nights at Freddy’s: The Stage Show!


If I was rich and lived in a mansion I’d buy this and put it at the entrance hallway.


If you want to pick up a Cheese Band, then this should be a pretty good opportunity. I’ve lived outside of Visalia and the weather there is very kind to mechanicals and electricals. No moldy, rusty bits. 300 days of sunshine and no hard freezed.

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