Behold the ultimate 1980s computer den

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I am still hopeful that the boxes in my parents’ attic are intact - I had to leave them there 20 years ago and have yet to move into a house with a spare room to enable me to put them back together again. :frowning: The trick will be finding screens for them, rather than the hardware itself, of course.
My collection is more UK-based though, so I have Dragons and Lynxes and Orics rather than Apples and Commodores. But one day I hope I too can have a room like that…


I have the inoperable remains of an Amstrad CPC keyboard. That’s my vintage computer collection!

I have a Mac SE sitting in my storage locker, but that’s about it. I’ll bet it would still fire up if I plugged it in. I also had my faithful old Apple //c at my mother’s but that went when she moved.

That guy’s collection, though – the dream room of my geeky 1980s teenage self.


Huge respect to Mr. Green!

If anyone here is ever in the west of Ireland you might enjoy a visit to the CCMI:

Some Google images:

Although sponsored by the local university, it’s a real labour of love and volunteerism with an admirable broad spectrum across IT and telephony and miscellaneous geekdom… it’s transatlantic too with lots of e.g. Apple stuff alongside the alumni of the 80s Euro microcomputer boom (your Sinclairs, Acorns, Dragons, Orics etc.), bits of PBXs and mainframes… plus Galway had strong multinational links back in the day so there’s PDPs and VT52s/100s from DEC (Digital) alongside Nortel and IBM. It also comes right up to early 2000s especially with regard to videogaming tech. Shelves are heaving with period magazines, books, tapes, disks and other media. High recommended for a friendly evening browse.


But wait, where is the wood paneling??? I was promised an 80s computer den!


I actually have our families first computer. It’s an apple IIe in original boxes with all documentation along with several games and if I remember, Apple Works.

And the original monitor.

My kid is going to have a regular archeological dig in our attic when I kick.


Then I must have missed something. Where are the MODEMs?


The curtains really bring the room together and give it that 1980s feel!



I’m a fan of the Ferrari poster, very 80s.

Also, nice to see mention of VCF Midwest, I’d love to attend sometime. My favorite retro pc Youtuber did a great video on last years events:


There is a vintage computing fest held around here too… me and my family went a few years ago (prior to the pandemic) since my better half has been into computers since he was a kid… but have not been since… it was fun, though!


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