Behold this glorious underwater waterfall off Mauritius

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The photo from Parisverra made it much more obvious that is does indeed look like a waterfall. A sandfall underwater? I was also a little concerned at the speed they were entering the harbor at the end of the video. Don’t they have boat speed limits? The next video we see is the drone recording the boat slamming into one of those anchored sailboats at 35 MPH.

Nifty. Thanks for that.

[for those watching the video, I’d suggest muting the sound and starting at 1:20 for a better experience]



Why does the ocean have such shitty taste in music?


It’s hit or miss. Carribean islands have great music!

Then there’s Ibiza…


The music really pulls the whole thing together.


I love me some island music, I was making a joke about the horrendous music usually chosen for ocean scenes in youtube videos. Which I have now decided to call “glubstep”.


For pirates there’s rum and bass.


Largemouth bass or spotted?

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interesting post andrea…

does anyones know the location of the ‘blow-hole’ in fools gold movie
tried locating without much luck :slight_smile:

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I guess it wouldn’t be safe to approach this in a boat? I’m sure there are dangerous vortices there.

Don’t forget Drum. AKA sheepshead.

More accurately “Nature’s optical illusion that looks like a waterfall but is not.” :frowning_face:

Gotcha, “the pirates drummed rum and drum bass with a sheepskin drum and ate sheepshead bass”

Ahhh, you’re killing this pedantic fisherman with that line.

Bass, Drum

“Sheepshead” is best avoided since in Freshwater it refers to the Drum family (well, the only freshwater drum species), but in Saltwater it refers to something not part of the Drum family. The main Drums being Freshwater, Black, Red. Other Drum species are called by various other names like Seatrout or Croaker, etc.

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Sorry it truly was a cringeworthy post- I really had no idea what I was talking about!

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No worries. Even a bad fish pun is better than no fish pun.

I’ve seen a clip showing this same underwater waterfall illusion being displayed in a large aquarium. It looked pretty cool. Was it posted here?

Here’s a random clip I found on YouTube that features the same type of underwater sandfall:

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