Bell is leading the push to end Canadian Net Neutrality with a secret, extrajudicial Star Chamber that will decide what Canadians can and can't see

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It would be the classic start of a slippery slope, according to Geist. “If you make the argument that you’re in a position to block for these purposes, it seems pretty obvious that we’re going to see other groups say that you ought to be blocking for other purposes,” he says.

Scientology is always at the leading edge of using new laws and regulation to attack critics with it.


Having just spent a couple of days on the phone with Bell trying to change my internet service, I can testify that Bell salespeople will misrepresent every offer they make, and lie outright if necessary. A few years ago this wasn’t the case, and I don’t doubt the change was initiated from the top.


Well, time for another donation to OpenMedia I guess…


I’m sure there’s no possibility this headline is distorted and exaggerated.


Ultimately, Geist says what undid the scourge of music piracy wasn’t blocking people from accessing piracy sites, but rather the introduction of streaming services that people were willing to pay for. “If there is a piracy problem, it is addressed far more effectively by good business models that offer up competitive services that people want to buy.”


“He who controls the information, controls the world.”

I think there’s a fresh (or simply rebranded) global opponent consisting of a loose alliance of wealthy families and corporations who are out to get what they can before it all collapses. This stuff happening this year is just a precursor to worse to come if information flow is stifled.


extrajudicial Star Chamber that will decide what Canadians can and can’t see

Good line for a song.

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I wish it were. Bell, now being a media company as much as a telco, has been angling for a power grab since the TPP discussions.

It’s pointless. Anyone who cares will simply use VPNs. We’ll just waste taxpayer dollars on a governing body, just like all the other jurisdictions that have tried this in the past.


At the same time, think of how much less interesting the net will be when you can’t discover and the like because they are made invisible to prevent competition with pay services.


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