Europe's copyright catastrophe is a harbinger of bad times for Canadians

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ISP blocks will not stop anything as a lot of torrenters are already using VPNs, or will. As usual regular people will miss out when sites are falsely blocked (ISP will ‘accidentally’ block rival content), torrents will have a tiny dip and big media will pat themselves on the back with big bonuses and claim poverty when the artists ask for a higher cut of revenues. Did I miss anything?


Nope, that’s pretty much how it goes, and will go.

I know not everyone loved Jean-Pierre Blais when he was the chair of the CRTC. His little tantrum when Netflix wouldn’t hand over subscriber info certainly didn’t endear him to me. But he also had no particular love for large corporations, including telecoms and media companies (which in Canada are usually the same thing) and many times maintained a focus on protecting consumers. I bet we’ll miss be missing him when the Bell site-blocking decision gets handed down.

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I have honestly never understood why conservatives even exist. I met my first one in high school in 1971 and was dumbfounded. And I was educated in Tulsa (last two HS years in Dallas). That said, my sister is conservative (lives in Kansas, so…), but I do believe she has left the Republican party. She was a 2cd grade teacher who retired because she was sick of what was being done to her profession.

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