Beloved Kura Toga mechanical pencil on sale for $4.90

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A darn spiffy pencil indeed, though I favor the slightly fancier version with the gel grip.


Hmmm, I feel a need coming on…

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The 0.3mm version is just a few cents more if you like a finer point. I used one like this for several years. The 0.7mm version looks to be as cheap as the 0.5mm version, FWIW. For larger lead sizes, the auto-rotate is very helpful.

But, my new favorite by far is the Pentel Orenz 0.2mm (PP602G). It has such a fine point, that the auto-rotate of the Kuro Toga isn’t necessary. It has a smooth ended retracting sleve which holds the exposed led and keeps it from breaking. It takes a while to mentally adjust to writing with the lead not sticking out. You will want to click it to expose more lead, but that just lets it get broken.

Sorry, no Amazon link for that, but I got mine from Jet Pens along with all the other cool Japanese import writing utensils and supplies that I need. I make a big order from them every year or so to stock back on odd lead sizes, strange ink color refills, and to see what’s new.


Fekking 14$ in Canada. FML
I do have one though - sent by a friend from Japan years ago and I think the .3mm version is perhaps too sharp. I often tear little holes in my paper if I’m not careful.

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My Kuru Toga’s metal sleeve doesn’t retract. I feel jealous.

Slightly off topic thing here. I don’t like gel grips on my writing instruments. I’m an engineer and I like a very solid grip without any ‘slop’ or ‘give’. I’m not even fond a hard rubberized grips.

What kinds of things do you use your pencils/pens for where you find the gel grip useful? I’m curious as they’ve never appealed to me.

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Nothing special, really. I’m fairly indifferent to the gel grip itself; that version just happens to have a comfortable heft to it.

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Ahh, okay, thank you. I agree that heft can be a nice feature. Some of my better pencils are made of heavier metals so they can be thin, but still have a decent heft to them.

Looks like I need to work to separate “likes big grips” and “likes squishy grips”.

Hmm. I should give this a try. I have a love/hate relationship with mechanical pencils for some 40 years now. Current fave is a 0.5 ‘PhD’ from Papermate.

What aspects of them do you not like?

Bought 2. Waiting on the delivery.
Wasn’t obsessively checking the tracking info… until I wrote this.
I might have a pencil writing implement problem.

Edit: I was cruelly deceived. No retractable metal tip on the 0.3mm.

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