This cool mechanical pencil sharpens itself

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The folks here at BoingBoing really love this pencil!

And I don’t blame them, it is an amazing pencil. I bought one after the 2014 “torture test” post. The other thing that blew my mind was that I could get it in a super-fine 0.3mm version. So cool!


Does it come in 0.9mm HB?

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I’ve only seen it in 0.3mm, 0.5mm, and 0.7mm.

Did love these but I had 3 that just stopped.

Push for more lead and then nothing. Something is jammed but I don’t know what. Trying to take it part only gets so far.

I would love to love this but I’ve had to go back to recyclable plastic Bics and their ilk. When they fail, I can still refill or I’ve still got a dozen more for half the price if they break.

I got one of these as a secret santa gift. It is nice but for everyday use I like my .9 and bigger pencils a lot more.

Upgrade to the Roulette. The eraser cap on the Toga is easy to lose and it’s a pain to advance the lead when the eraser gets low. The Toga erasers are inserted well into their hole, so they’re useless after they’re half done, and hard to remove. The Roulette has a little metal eraser clamp and you can pack it with leftover stubbies and use all of your eraser.

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I have a couple. They’re great. One small cravat though, harder leads at smaller sizes tend to tear the paper is you’re not a person of light touch.

I will advocate once again for the pleasing heft of the Alpha Gel version.


My goto mechanical pencil used to be a Pentel Graph Gear 1000 Automatic Drafting Pencil. A few years back BoingBoing had an article about the Kuru Toga and as inexpensive as it was I had to try it and it is freaking awesome, always having that sharp edge to write on is fantastic. I didn’t realize how much I’d rotate a mechanical pencil in my hand to keep that sharp edge, with the Kuru it is always the on the sharp edge of the graphite. I tend to like a bit heftier of a pencil for writing, so I may have just added the Uni Alpha-Gel to my shopping cart. Thanks Jorpho for the tip about the Alpha-Gel.

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I used to use my 0.3mm version of this all the time–one of the metal boddied ones with a decent heft to it. But, I’ve moved on to the Pentel Orenz in 0.2mm with 2B lead.

With lead that small, you don’t have to worry about the point size. The novel moving sleve system supports the lead so that it can me crazy tiny and not break. It takes a while to get over the reflex to click the lead advance often. With this pencil, you can write until the support sleve is almost completely withdrawn into the pencil. I’m pretty sure I got it at Jet Pens. Yep, just found the order confirmation. Wow, I’ve had it for 2.5 years! In that time I have only gone through 5 pieces of lead–so if you’re worried that the small diameter will mean faster lead consumption, I wouldn’t worry.

Unless you are a professional draftsman and use it all day long.

Link to it.


I’d like something like this, but in 2mm.

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Spooky, I have literally just bought one of these (well, the metal version), and it should be here today.
I’ll see how it stacks up against the rOtering 600 that Jason made me buy last year: (I really like the heft of the rOtering)



Mine dropped dead after not very long.

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