Bernie Sanders drops truths on the Senate floor about the Coronavirus Stimulus Package

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I wonder if 6 Republicans with Coronavirus had an effect on what was passed.

Does this mean the Democrats have a majority now?


I hate the GOP as a collective whole. I have never truly had hate and contempt like this before in my life.


The Australian government wasn’t even going to tell the unemployed that they didn’t have to keep looking for (non-existant) jobs during the “lock-down” (such as it is in Australia).


As soon as the enormity of the virus situation became clear to me, it was obvious that socialism, a strong central government response on both a medical and economic level, was the only real solution. Republicans can’t cope with that.


I listen to a lot of economics podcasts, and over and over again I hear them point out that the punitive or other adjective measures to determine the “worthy poor” are not only ineffective they are also expensive, raising the cost of programs beyond what the “waste” would.

Of course, the economists are thinking in terms of dollars, not in terms of pandering to the base.*

*base in the sense of "indicating the lack of higher qualities of mind or spirit.


Socialism is “bad” for the plebs. But the ruling elites on both R and D sides just love socialism for the big corporations, somehow.


Gutting the economy by the wealthy, the continued demonizing and lack of support of the poor and middle class, the lack of a national healthcare system, plus 10 more months of the Orange Cheeto are combining to destroy the USA within a year or so. I have American family that are going to find their lives get very tough, very quickly.


That’s exactly it — any effort involved to weed out those few alleged “moochers” is costly and ineffective. Any logical conclusion would lead you to see that it’s better off for everyone if you just … let those few people do what they’re going to do.

But these people don’t care about logic. They get off on punishment like they’re playing Old Testament God.


There’s a term for that.


If we cause the government to conjure more fiat currency and give it to the poor, the poor will spend that money on goods and services in the economy, where it will eventually funnel up to enrich the shareholder class (with the side benefit of helping to maintain social order, which markets tend to like).

Seems like a long-game win for the GOP. Maybe they’re only good at the long game when the federal judiciary is involved?


I hope the house re-instates strong limits on bailed-out corporations, and expands benefits to working people.


You would think. But then again, you would also think a national healthcare system would be beneficial to businesses and therefore the GOP would be all-in. I mean what business owner really want to go through that health insurance process every year? How much time is wasted choosing an insurance provider, and all those employees choosing their new plans (and everyone does it on company time)? And what business really wants to pay all that money? To me, it doesn’t make sense that, for example, a web design shop would want to spend so much time and money on something that isn’t part of their core business. But what do I know?


Rick Scott is a fucking thief and an overall horrible, horrible human being.


Perhaps a parable is in order:

A black man and a white man help to save a plutocrat’s life. In return, the plutocrat tells the white man that he can have anything he wants – regardless of the cost, but that he and the black man will an equal amount. The white man thinks for a second, and then looks at his partner. Turning back to the plutocrat, the white man says "I want to have soul crushing debt and lifelong misery’

IMO, that is the story of America’s past and present. It doesn’t need to be our future…


Truth and TGOP / tRump Co. just don’t go together, and never have.


I found out recently that one of my cousins had Rick Scott as a guest at her wedding (which I didn’t go to). It turns out that her husband is from one of those old Florida families with a lot of connections.

It was a little weird, frankly, because she and her husband are both pretty sensible people and from what I can tell tend to vote Democratic.

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I am so with you. I always looked at the GOP as a necessary counter to liberal initiatives, but in my adulthood they have gone further and further off the rails, till now I see them as a threat to our democracy that must be destroyed. Moderate democrats are now sufficient to balance progressive initiatives.

Death to the Republican party.


Seeing as it would have to be eventually signed by fucking Trump, I can’t see that happening without a YUGE kickback to him and his “friends”. His teenie palm has to be greased in some way where he ends up feeling like he has it up on everyone. My hope is that he will not get what he wants and will realize if he blocks it at this stage bad things will happen.

There’s a stated agenda, and then there’s a real agenda; the one that can’t be openly stated yet, but each of them know in their hearts. “I got mine, fuck you. If you’re someone I can persecute, fuck you double. What makes me stronger has to make someone weaker. Greed is good.”

As for the topic of the post, TGOP lacks a shred of empathy across the entire group. They can’t be “winning” as long as someone else isn’t “losing” in life. It’s how they are wired. It’s why they must be expunged from politics for our country to progress at all, much less to keep us from regressing back to the mid-1800s when everyone but the wealthy toiled seven days a week just to survive.

Their greed is on full and clear display, if only people would open their eyes, look, and think about what it all means to them and anyone they love. We outnumber them enormously, and yet time after time many among us do everything they can to keep these leach fucks in power. That’s what has to stop. We can’t expect them to have a change of heart, this isn’t an Ebenezer Scrooge moment. There are no ghosts that will visit them in the night to teach them empathy. The only way is to remove them from power, and NEVER let them have it back.

What’s good for me should be good for my neighbor, and vice versa. Same with what’s bad for my neighbor should be bad for me. That gets us to work together and make things better for everyone, not just for ourselves.

It’s the fucking golden rule we were supposed to have been taught when we were children; “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Instead we are in a world where the other one is the one that is followed the most; “he who has the gold makes the rules.”

It’s disgraceful.


It’s not over yet, Bernie can still win the nomination. Small chance, but still, it’s possible.